Sunday, August 2, 2009


Rosalina is a very cool character. Unlocking her is a little complicated. To unlock Rosalina all you have to do is have a have a Super Mario Galaxy file that is saved and she will be unlocked after 50 races. Or another way is to get 1 Star in all Mirror Mode Cups! To get Mirror Mode Cups just WIN all 150cc Cups. Have Fun!!


The female version of Toad...Toadette is a really great character. To unlock her is very simple...just play all Time Trials (32) and you will get her. Of course there is another method. All you have to do is WIN 1000 Wi-Fi races. Have Fun!!!

Mii Outfits A and B

We all love our Mii's. You can race with them as well!

[TIP: Change the weight of the Mii changes the karts and bikes they can ride!]

To unlock Mii Outfit A:

1. Unlock the Special Cup (100cc) by winning the Star Cup and you get the Star Cup you need to get at least 3rd place in Mushroom and Flower Cups.

2. WIN the Special Cup! You will get Mii Outfit A!!


To unlock Mii Outfit B:

Just unlock 32 expert staff ghosts on Time Trials!

Hoped this helped!

King Boo!!

How to unlock King Boo!!

To unlock King Boo is very simple....all you have to do is win the 50cc Star Cup! How do you get the star cup? All you do is get AT least 3rd place in the Mushroom and Flower Cup! Have Fun!!

Dry Bones

To unlock Dry Bones...

1. Play the shell and banana get the leaf cup

2. WIN the leaf cup

3. Dry Bones is yours!!


Welcome! This blog is about Mario Kart Wii. Here I will give you tips and more. I will post a review of the game some times as well. Hope you like it!!

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